On the road for the first time? Maybe a Moped?

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For a lot of people, the freedom of getting on the road with your very own vehicle is the most exciting feeling ever. Being able to go wherever you want, independently is a must for many, though if you are young and are just getting out on the road, it may be rather difficult to think about where you should begin. The usual questions will be running through your mind, like which vehicle should you have? How much would the insurance cost? Many young people choose a moped as their very first vehicle and this is usually because it is relatively cheap to run, especially when you compare it with such vehicles as a car. Mopeds are rather easy to handle and are far more inexpensive to insure than most of the other vehicles on our roads. The moped can also allow you a look into responsibility and road safety, especially if you have never been out on the road before.

What is the difference between a moped and a motorbike?

A moped, is similar to a motorbike, though the maximum speeds do not exceed 31 miles per hour and the engine capacity for a moped is no larger than 50cc, which of course means that it is not as powerful as a regular large motorbike, which is the perfect option if you are just getting used to handling a vehicle. It is the law that you can have a provisional licence for a moped from the age of 16. This means that you are able to ride your moped with L plates, though by no circumstances should you carry any passengers. Before you get your L Plates though, the compulsory basic training must be carried out, this will teach you the basic skills necessary to keep you and others safe on the roads. Once you have completed this, you have 2 years to pass the theory and practical tests, then you are a high flying moped rider.

When you have attained your moped licence, you then need to look into your moped insurance so that you are actually able to run free on the roads. The internet is a good place to start your insurance search. There are plenty of insurance companies out there who are waiting to quote you and a comparison website can let you in on the cheapest and best options for the needs of you and your moped.

Ensure you have protective clothing for your moped

When you have your licence and your insurance, all you have to do is choose the right clothing that is going to keep you safe. Think about a helmet, a quality helmet is an absolute must and is the absolute law, so do not try and board  your moped without one. Make sure your helmet complies with the British Standard and then you and your moped are good to go. For ultimate safety you should also think about boots and goggles and a high visibility aid so that when you are out in the dark, other motorists can spot you easily.

The most important thing about being free on the roads is understanding how absolutely important road safety is and to always be considerate of other motorists as to avoid accidents. That way, you will have the option of being free on your moped for many more years to come.


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