New Laws for Motorway Drivers who hog the middle lane

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Drivers who hog the middle lane and tailgaters are to face on the spot fines. The perpetrating drivers are to face rather quick justice with an on the spot penalties under new measures that have been announced by the Government recently. From July this year, Police will be able to issue three points and £100 fines for careless driving offences that would usually have to go to court.

Offending drivers can be targeted, without lengthy court procedures

The idea for this is to be able to target offenders, without having to go through with lengthy court procedures. Current penalties for using a phone whilst driving or for not wearing a seat belt will also be rising to £100. This move will bring careless driving offences in line with the penalties given for similar non motoring fixed penalties. Drivers will be able to appeal any decision that is made against them through the courts.

People who are found guilty of careless driving will be facing fixed penalties, or the chance to attend a driving course, though the more serious offenders will continue to go through courts, where they could face much higher penalties. Many driving offences go unpunished at the moment due to the bureaucracy that is involved in taking cases to court.

The Department of Transport hasn’t confirmed yet the official guidance on which types of offences will be the ones to attract fines. Police are likely to focus on drivers in situations that are deemed as slightly aggressive or inconsiderate, like driving too close to the vehicle that is in front of you, not giving way at a junction, being in the wrong lane and pushing into a queue at a roundabout, overtaking and pushing into a queue of traffic, needlessly hogging outside or middle lanes, inappropriate speeds and careless manoeuvres such as handbrake turns and wheel spins.

A motorist does not only have to be stopped by the Police, a summons has to be issued and then evidence has to be presented in court. Stephen Hammond, who is the Road Safety Minister has said that careless drivers are a menace and their negligence is putting innocent people’s lives at risk. This is why it is being made easier for police to tackle driver by allowing them to issue fixed penalty notices immediately, rather than having to take every offending motorist to court.

Responsible drivers will welcome these changes

The AA have stated that they believe responsible drivers would welcome these changes. Edmund King, the AA president said that they are pleased to see that after such as long time new powers and fines will be given to the police to be able to tackle the top three pet hates of drivers, mobile phone abusers, tailgaters and drivers who hog the middle lane.

Professor Stephen Glaister, the RAC Foundation director said that Anti social behaviour is just a big a problem on the roads as it is throughout society. Giving police more opportunity to act and freeing up resources so that they can do so by cutting procedural delays in court, is extremely good news. Raising the fine to £100 is definitely justifiable to try and tackle handheld mobile phone use, which actually slows down drivers reaction times even more so than being over the alcohol limit, or from taking cannabis.
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