New £1.3 Million Motorbike THINK! Campaign

New motorbike THINK! Campaign

A new £1.3 million campaign has been launched by the Government, to encourage drivers to ensure they look for motorbikes at junctions. Petrol station and Radio adds will be running from now until May, which urge motorists to take longer to look out for motorbike riders. Adverts will also be featured on Video On Demand TV, which are aimed in particular at younger drivers. The advert campaign is urging people to see the person behind the helmet, it has been timed with spring, as riders will be returning to the roads.

74% of serious injury or deaths on a motorbike also included another vehicle

In 2011, figures showed that 74% of  deaths and serious injuries on a motorbike had involved another vehicle. The Department for Transport are spending more on this advert campaign than they are on any other road safety initiative, apart from the obvious pushing to wipe out drink driving. Stephen Hammond, who is the Road Safety Minister explained that around thirty bikers are killed or seriously injured at junctions each day. He exclaimed that he was determined to reduce this number as much as possible. This is why the THINK! campaign is being funded, to remind drivers to take extra time looking out for motorcyclists, especially at junctions.

Drivers are more likely to notice motorbikes if they know a biker

A statement from the Department for Transport said that the campaign was put together by accident statistics, which showed that motorists pulling out in front of motorcyclists is a major cause of injury and even death. Wider research that was carried out also showed that drivers who know a biker themselves are more likely to look out and notice motorbikes. Failure to look is the main reason for crashes and research has showed that many drivers miss smaller vehicles when they quickly scan the road before they turn. Just that few extra seconds spent checking for motorbikes will mean that everybody can carry on safely with their journey.

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