Motorway blocked by Bikers in marriage proposal

Bikers block motorway in marriage proposal

Four men have been arrested, including the soon to be groom after a marriage proposal where hundreds of bikers blocked a motorway in California. The groom and three of his friends were arrested for the investigation of public nuisance, along with participating in an unlawful assembly. Hector Martinez, the groom who is 24 and from Covina in California was also arrested for the investigation of exhibition of speed.

250 bikers obstructed the motorway

There were around 250 motorbikes that stopped on the motorway last month so that Martinez was able to propose to his girlfriend, in an unusual way. This move stopped the traffic on the motorway for two minutes, it was of course captured on video and then spread all over the internet.

Sargent Kurt Stormes of California’s Highway Patrol, who obviously didn’t find this stunt amusing exclaimed that the bikers made a spectacle of it, he went on to say that these actions are a general slap in the face of law enforcement. Stormes went on to explain that investigators discovered who the men were through social media as they had went on to brag about it a lot.

Although the bride to be accepted Martinez’s proposal, she is not facing any charges herself. Watch the video

Was this a dangerous decision by the bikers?

Across the internet there are constantly proposers of marriage trying to outdo each other with the best and most unusual possible proposal. Although this proposal did cut off and disrupt traffic for a few minutes, is it really so bad? Officers and investigators doing their job will obviously believe that this could have caused a number of dangers on the motorway. Though, wouldn’t most people just see this as another outrageous and unusual way for a man to ask a woman to be his wife? Obviously the 250 bikers were happy to help.

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