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Steve Martindale, the General Manager of Motorcycles for Honda UK is to be leaving the company after 6 years in his current role and 18 altogether in Honda’s Motorcycle and car operations. The enthusiasm and passion for Motorcycles Steve showed throughout his position as General Manager for Honda UK’s motorcycle ┬ábusiness has been said to be extremely evident, by everybody that worked with him. His dedication and constant hard work has been said to be directly responsible for Honda’s current market leader status.

Martindale leaves his position at Honda uk in great health

Martindale is leaving his position at Honda UK motorcycle business with excellent health and has been involved in helping to develop a highly successful and motivated team at Honda UK’s motorcycle division, as well as building up a co-ordinated and strong dealer network.

Following the announcement of his decision, Steve Martindale explained that following the bouts of ill health he had previously experienced last year he has found it rather difficult to cope with the energy that is required to be General Manager of the Motorcycles position at Honda. He has therefore decided that he will take an extended break from working to allow himself to recover fully and prepare for new challenged for the future. He went on to explain that during his six years in the company he has enjoyed camaraderie and would like to thank everybody within the industry for the support he has received. He said that he has experienced a number of friendships and it is by far the most enjoyable job that he has ever had by far.

He went on to add that there have been many changed throughout the six years he held his General Manager’s position and he is proud to be able to express that Honda dealers are set up very well to face challenged for the future. The dealer association, composite and HUK motorcycle team are among his very favourite accomplishments. This is combined with the products that Honda has produced, that he expressed he believed were the best in the industry. He said that all of this meant that it couldn’t be a better time for him to hand the reigns over to someone else with fresh ideas and energy for the future.

Honda UK colleagues wished him all the best for the future

The Managing Director of Honda UK exclaimed that he wanted to thank Steve for all of his commitment and hard work which has ensured that he is leaving Honda as the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the whole of the UK. He went on to say that Steve achieved an amazing amount during the time he worked at Honda and he has become a friend to many as well as a very well respected colleague. He expressed that everybody at Honda would miss Steve and he is wished all the best for the future.

The announcement regarding the new Head of Honda’s UK motorcycle operations is said to be sometime within the next week.

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