Meet the NoTo Mob Vigilante’s against unfair traffic enforcement

NoTo Group fighting unfair traffic enforcement

Masked bikers have took to riding through the streets of London in determination of stopping people being fined. They go by such names as Parking Warrior, Coco and Bald Eagle and Coco and although they cover their faces with V for Vigilante masks and communicate with each other on walkie talkies, they are actually on your side.

The bikers are named the NoTo mob

They are named the NoTo mob and they are a dedicated group fighting what they believe to be unfair parking charges and tickets. During the week they are normal men and women, for example Bald Eagle is a legal adviser. Parking Warrior, is an auditor. Though on Saturdays they meet up for their common cause, they actually follow council CCTV spy cars and then stand right next to them with signs warning drivers that they are present, allowing the driver to avoid a potential fine if they were to break the rules.

Motorists have waved, pulled over and given the mob thumbs up, strangers have even been said to have hugged them at times in support. Bald Eagle, who’s real name is Grame explained that there are 22 mobile enforcement vehicles in Charing Cross, within four miles. He also went on to say that they are aware of where they go as they are creatures of habit.]

The NoTo mob aren’t opposed to parking enforcement, only unfair parking enforcement

The NoTo Mob are not opposed to parking enforcement, they are opposed to what they see as unfair parking enforcement. The group therefore target high ticket areas that have confusing road markings or unclear signs, which are where CCTV cars are more likely to be. Graeme explained that these honey puts can actually result in the same driver being caught five days on the run. The first time they are aware is when they get their fine through the post. Parking enforcement is essential, though it has to be in proportion and fair. He went on to say that the NoTo mob believe that these CCTV cars should be visible, so the group makes sure that they are highlighted.

Motorists are being exploited, the group believe, they explained that near a bus lane drivers cannot see certain signs, would have driven down a road and been fined. It is straight up highway robbery, they explain. Boyo, real name Steve Brown is a sound recordist explained that sometimes whilst the group are warning motorists, the CCTV cars hide away and will not come out. Everybody is tired of the services being contracted to private companies, as local authorities don’t seem accountable. He went on to say that the NoTo Mob is made up of a group of like minded individuals who volunteer their time for the sake of people power.

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