KTM Confirm electric scooter for 2015

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KTM has said that the E-Speed scooter concept from the brand, which was debuted at the Tokyo show, will be added to the line up range in 2015. A spokesperson for KTM said that the company 100% believe in electric motorbikes.

KTM say electric mobility can succeed in Urban areas.

Due to the fact that off road sport if the companies core area, he explained that they developed the E-Crosser and the Freeride E, however he expressed that the company believe that electric mobility can definitely succeed in more Urban areas. Plockinger explained that due to the positive feedback that was received after the presentation in Tokyo, the company decided to transfer results from the E-Crosser development, into the road segment.

KTM say E Speed is the company interpretation of emissions free

The E Speed is said to be the company’s interpretation of emissions free for use in the city, without having to compromise on sportiness or design of the KTM DNA. The Freeride E has also been confirmed as a model that will go into production for next year, so the E Speed will be the second electric motorbike to be joining the orange force’s range. The Freeride E has definitely been a long time in the making, it was first seen last year and was expected initially to be alongside it’s four stoke 350 cc sibling, KTM were determined to get the battery life, drive system and supporting technology perfect before it was released. Now the drive system is delivering the performance that KTM was looking form, the firm will now be integrating the same unit into the E Speed bike.

KTM may have strong idea’s about the future of e bikes but what about you?

Do you think that an KTM ebike would everĀ  be able to tempt you away from a petrol version why not get in touch and let us know what you think?


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