Florida shop offers gun free with every motorbike sold

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When you think of a motorbike, what is the first thought that pops into your head? Guns? Didn’t think so. The Gun debate of America makes the news on a daily basis, Obama trying to tackle guns, people who believe they should be allowed to keep firearms protesting so that they can keep their gun license. It is safe to say that everybody in America has a different opinion about it’s gun culture. One motorbike shop in Florida, has came up with an idea that they believe can pull them out of the economy’s downturn, guns.

A free firearm with every motorbike?

Obviously, using the idea that many American’s have a huge passion for guns, the Pinellas Powersports shop in South Tampa, Florida  is offering a free firearm to every customer that purchases a bike from them. Claiming that the inspiration for the offer comes from the recent debates over gun control over the United States, it doesn’t take a genius to figure where the proprietor of the shop Ron Powell stands on America’s gun issues. He explained that he enjoys having the conversation about guns, as he believes that people who wish to own guns are losing their rights and they should be allowed to stand up for what they believe in.

Over 100 people enquired about the motorbike offer within the first morning

The new deal has definitely struck up interest throughout the area as the shop claimed to have received over 100 phone calls the morning after announcing the offer, enquiring about the terms and conditions, so it appears to be having the desired effect.

It is an extremely unusual offer and lets hope that any of these guns that are awarded to people who decide to purchase a motorbike, are not put to any harmful use. It is extremely strange when  looking at a country like America, that such an offer is allowed to go on display. Though is it really necessary to offer such an incentive to certain people, just so motorbike’s will be sold?

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