Motor Bike Gap Insurance UK

Welcome to Motorbike Gap Insurance in the UK! If you are here then it is likely you are trying to find out about this little known insurance. Motorbike Gap Insurance is designed to cover what your own insurance does not, DEPRECIATION!

If your motorbike is written off, your own motorbike insurers are likely to only give you the motorbikes’ market value. This may well be far less than your originally paid for the vehicle, so you are going to be out of pocket.

Protect your investment with Motorbike Gap Insurance

Also remember, any gap insurance is triggered by the fact your own vehicle insurance write off the vehicle. The problem with a motorbike id that it is more likely to be written off in an accident, or even stolen, than a car would be.

So what does Motorbike Gap Insurance do?

Well, motorbike gap insurance can do a number of things, depending on what you require cover for.

  • You can cover the outstanding finance settlement on any loan you have on the motorbike, if that amount is higher than the vehicles value, with Finance Motorbike Gap Insurance.
  • You can cover from the market value up to the original purchase price, with RTI Motorbike Gap Insurance.
  • You can even cover the replacement cost of a ‘like for like’ motorbike on a ‘new for old’ basis. So you buy a brand new Honda Goldwing in 2011, you can cover the cost of replacing the model in 2014, even if that price has gone up. This would be by VRI Motorbike Gap Insurance.

What to expect from this site on Motorbike Gap Insurance?

Well, we do not sell Motorbike Gap Insurance on this site. However, we will give you lots of information on this specialist type of cover, point out some potential ‘pit falls’, and keep you up to date on the latest deals in the UK.

Our aim is to give you all the information you need, and hopefully save you some money on the way.

So welcome to, and hope you go from being novice to expert in the field of motorbike gap insurance!

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