Motorbike Gap Insurance & Modifications

When you are looking for Motorbike Gap insurance you may notice that somewhere in each and every polciy it will mention modifications.

So what do it mean?

Can you still cover a modified bike with motorbike gap insurance?

Although the exact terms and conditions will vary from motorbike gap supplier to supplier the answer should be yes and no in all cases. Motorbike owners sometimes like to modify their motorbikes.  This is where is can get confusing, so we spoke to an motorbike gap insurance underwriter to get their opinion.

They explained that ( sorry insurance speak comming) if you carry out a mofictaion that is deamed to devalue your motorbike then the amount the the mofication devalued your motorbike by will be deducted from any gap insurance payout.

Ok so not being an motorbike insurance  underwriter myself I was keen to understand what this meant.

What it means is that if you decide to spot weld a six foot exhaust pipe to your motorbike, or put 32 inch alloy wheels on your bike then clearly ( apart from being unsafe and un-roadworthy ) this is devaluing your motorbike.

Instead if you carry out a mofication ( for example subsitute fuel tank) and tell your own insurance comapny and they are happy to cover you then your gap insurance policy should follow suit.

Again we would stress that this is just one insurance company and their opinions may vary. In fact we googled motorbike gap insurance and found two motorbike gap insurance suppliers who would not cover any form of modification no matter how small.

So as always you need to read the motorbike gap insurance documents before you buy any form of cover as other wise when you spray your motorbike pink and spot weld a third wheel ( please don’t ) you may find you have no motorbike or gap insurance cover.


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