Is Motorbike Gap Insurance Worth it?

Motorbike Gap Insurance, like normal ‘road risk’ insurance has provided a problem for insurance companies for many years. A motorbike provides a significantly higher risk of being written off, or stolen, and so motorbike gap insurance premiums tend to be higher than for the equivalent car.
Remember motorbike gap insurance only comes into play when a vehicle is written off, so motorbikes can offer a higher risk to an underwriters perspective.

So why is Motorbike Gap Insurance such a good idea?

If a motorbike is is in an accident, it is likely to suffer more damage, the fact that a motorbike is often a lower value than a van or a car, means the chances that the motorbike will be written off are so much higher.

Motorbike Gap Insurance need not cost any more

In terms of theft, motorbikes can be easy prey, and are attractive for ‘joy riders’. Again, this can lead to the vehcile being written off

This can be balance with the fact that motorbikes are often second vehicles, can cover fewer miles, and can hold their value relative to a car, quite well. However, all things considered, there is little doubt that insurers are not motorbike riders best friends!

Motorbike Gap Insurance, just like standard motorbike insurance, is something many insurance companies have moved away from, deeming it too high a risk. Some Gap Insurance providers do offer motorbike gap insurance, but with an increased prices to cover the percieved risk.

Do I have to pay more for my Motorbike Gap Insurance?

It is possible to find motorbike gap insurance in the UK, and not have to pay extra for the fact you are a motorbike owner and not a car. Some insurers do not make you pay a ‘premium for your premium’.

AM Trust Europe are such insurer, who offer motorbike gap insurance in the form of RTI Gap Insurance, Combination RTI, VRI Gap Insurance, and other ‘standard’ gap cover for motorbikes. Ask your motorbike dealer, or leading online providers such as, and dont pay more for your motorbike gap insurance than you have to!

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