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Valentino Rossi says he wishes he was raised in the 60's

Valentino Rossi expresses his love of the 60′s

Valentino Rossi says he would have loved to live in the 60′s Valentino Rossi, the Italian professional motorbike racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion has expressed that he would love to have been raised in the 60′s. One of the most successful motorbike racers of all time, with 9 Grand Prix World Championships under his […]

NoTo Group fighting unfair traffic enforcement

Meet the NoTo Mob Vigilante’s against unfair traffic enforcement

Masked bikers have took to riding through the streets of London in determination of stopping people being fined. They go by such names as Parking Warrior, Coco and Bald Eagle and Coco and although they cover their faces with V for Vigilante masks and communicate with each other on walkie talkies, they are actually on […]

Bikers block motorway in marriage proposal

Motorway blocked by Bikers in marriage proposal

Four men have been arrested, including the soon to be groom after a marriage proposal where hundreds of bikers blocked a motorway in California. The groom and three of his friends were arrested for the investigation of public nuisance, along with participating in an unlawful assembly. Hector Martinez, the groom who is 24 and from […]

New Ductai

Triumph are on the lookout for new racing talent

Triumph have recently launched their third year of the Young Guns competition which is designed to help young racers with talent, with the support and coaching necessary to try and take them onto the next level. The Young Guns scheme is open to all amateur ACU-licensed riders, from ages 15 and 20. The applicants are […]

New motorbike THINK! Campaign

New £1.3 Million Motorbike THINK! Campaign

A new £1.3 million campaign has been launched by the Government, to encourage drivers to ensure they look for motorbikes at junctions.

Ducati get new boss

On the road for the first time? Maybe a Moped?

For a lot of people, the freedom of getting on the road with your very own vehicle is the most exciting feeling ever. Being able to go wherever you want, independently is a must for many, though if you are young and are just getting out on the road, it may be rather difficult to […]

Progress at Ducati?

Progress at Ducati?

Bernard Gobmeier, the General Manager of Ducati has insisted that the company is making progress, however he has admitted that unfortunately Ducati are no match for the development of rivals Yamaha and Honda.

Dirty biker definition dropped by Oxford dictionaries

Dirty Biker definition dropped by the Oxford Dictionaries

The Oxford dictionaries have dropped the references to dirty denims and long hair under it’s definition of a biker, after motorcyclists have complained.

Ducati get new boss

Florida shop offers gun free with every motorbike sold

The Gun debate of America makes the news on a daily basis, Obama trying to tackle guns, people who believe they should be allowed to keep firearms protesting so that they can keep their gun license.


Sales for New motorbikes are still falling

Sales figures for new motorbikes from around Europe have shown that there is very little sign of a recovery in the motorbike market in the United Kingdom, though there hasn’t been an upturn of sales recently in America. The recent stats from the European motorcycle industry association revealed that the overall sales of powered two wheelers […]

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