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New Ductai

KTM make history with the E Speed for 2015

In some news today coming directly out of the, motorbike world,we have the latest breaking news regarding the,Austrian motorcycle manufacturer known as KTM, who look all set to make history next year by launching one of the first,and all new Electric scooter for the motorbike world, and it comes in the shape and form of […]

Motorbike Gap Insurance

Ducati Hypermotard for 2014

In some news today coming out of the Ducati motorbike world, we are pleased to report on the latest news regarding the Italian iconic motorbike brand known as Ducati, which comes in the form of one of their latest models the Hypermotard 2014 version.

Tokyo Bike Show

Tokyo Motorshow coming this month

We are pleased to announce that the Tokyo Motorshow is on the way this month. The yearly show convention comes directly from Tokyo on the 20th of November. As we reported last week the LA motorshow also begins at the same time as Tokyo’s therefore facing some tough competition. As much expected with the LA […]

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Moto GP 2013- Marquez and Lorenzo battling to the end

The final round of this years Moto GP comes your way this Sunday live from Valencia Spain and this years final race is set to be one of the most anticipated races for many many years now. For the first time in seven years the Moto gp championship will be decided as it heads down […]

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New Laws for Motorway Drivers who hog the middle lane

Drivers who hog the middle lane and tailgaters are to face on the spot fines. The perpetrating drivers are to face rather quick justice with an on the spot penalties under new measures that have been announced by the Government recently.

Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary

KTM Confirm electric scooter for 2015

KTM has said that the E-Speed scooter concept from the brand, which was debuted at the Tokyo show, will be added to the line up range in 2015. A spokesperson for KTM said that the company 100% believe in electric motorbikes.

The Prescott Bike Festival

The Prescott Bike Festival this coming Sunday

For all motorbike enthusiasts out there, the annual Prescott Bike Festival is taking place this Sunday, 7th April. It promises to be a day filled with action and a great day out that all of the family will be able to enjoy, whilst also supporting the National Association of Bloodbikes Charity. What can bike lovers […]

Honda /Hayabusa rival

What is the right gap insurance claim limit?

There is actually no right answer to which gap insurance claim limit you should choose. Nobody knows for sure how much a vehicle is going to be worth in a certain amount of time, so nobody can predict exactly what the right claim limit is. Therefore the best thing we can do, is take everything […]

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Why should you have Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance for your motorbike could literally be one of the smartest things you will ever take out.

Harley Davidson dealership opens in the Philippines

Harley Davidson opens in the Philippines

Harley Davidson on it’s 110th anniversary has opened it’s very first dealership in the Philippines, the sixth in Southeast Asia. The official distributor of Harley Davidson, American Motorcycles Inc have said they believe that the Philippine market is definitely ready for the Harley. This is said to be due to the strong American influence and […]

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